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Counseling Astrologer Andrea Klim

Astrologer, Visionary, Astrologer Teacher, Author of Best Astrology 101 Workbook
Shamanic Practitioner, Past Holistic Fair Coordinator, Television Personality

Astrologer Andrea Klim

Andrea Klim has been studying the language of astrology since 1998 and working professionally as an astrological counselor since 2001. She has studied through various lectures at NCGR/Boston Chapter, Isabel M. Hickey, Francis McEvoy, Jeffrey Close (creator of Intrepid Astrology Software), Robert Hand, A.T. Mann of Lifetime Astrology, Kepler College, Washington. She is successful in teaching the language of Astrology since 2005 for group, private classes, Derry Adult Education Program and has written her first Astrology 101 Workbook which is available on-line as an e-book. Over the years her students have told her that her book is the best Astrology Workbook because it is so user friendly.

Andrea began her education in 2010 into the healing realm of
Core Shamanism and as a practice offers shamanic healings and intensive classes.

Andrea is the host and producer of the weekly TV Show 'Turn To The Stars' which can be viewed @ Turn To The Stars Astrology TV, YouTube, Manchester City TV23. Andrea is also Boston's NBC Channel 7 CW56 Astrologer who covered The Royal Wedding of 2011 televised April 29, 2011.

Andrea and her family successfully facilitated Psychic/Holistic Fairs beginning in 2010-June 2016 bi-monthly at The Yard Seafood & Steakhouse, Manchester, NH with the intention of expanding the communities awareness of the quality of holistic healing.

During an astrology consultation you can expect to discover your 'souls purpose'. You will discover what is at the 'roots and purpose' of your human existence. You will gain insight into your family's DNA patterns and how they manifest in your DNA and life pattern. She interprets and counsels her clients in future influences and most importantly 'the here and now'. Ask about past lives, your DNA Soul Print, marital relationships, finances, family, career, real estate, business, friends, spirituality, education & much more!

In Spring 2009 Andrea expanded to Television.

First with several guest appearances which paved the way for her own Astrology Television show "Turn To The Stars".

Andrea produces and hosts the show which is recorded weekly at Channel 23 MCTV in Manchester, NH.

The Gift that Astrology can bring to each of us is a golden key of Understanding. When we are truly able to understand ourselves and realize the underlying reasons for the choices we make in our lives, this is when healing and growth begins.

Turn to the Stars LLC
PHONE: 603-490-6253

From the desk of Astrologer Andrea Klim

Copyright © 2008 Andrea Klim. All Rights Reserved

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