Andrea Klim, Spiritual Astrologer Birth Charts :

Full Detailed interpretations of Natal/Birth Charts by appointment only

Discover how the Stars were aligned when you were born and what this means to you. All journeys have a beginning. A Natal Chart shows the window in time through which your spirit could pass through. A Natal chart is often called your contract, your blue print, your spiritual bankbook. Through this knowledge a much deeper understanding of yourself is possible. Discover where your strengths are. Learn the what, how, where and why's behind gifting karma and challenging karma. Learn what your path is in this lifetime and how you might continue to seek it. Find out how many children you might have or how many marriages and so much more!

Having your child's birth chart interpreted can be priceless! Empower yourself as a parent with this knowledge. It is a powerful tool of early intervention for positive guidance.

Consultation time is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes

Price: $100 per hour

....Andrea Klim