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Astrology Software Intrepid

Self Evident Astrology

This Software makes Astrology Easy

Specially designed for either MAC or PC Computers

Intrepid is now available by Digital Download or can be sent to you on CD

PC or MAC System Requirements           Benefits of Intrepid


You say you are a new student of Astrology and want an economical, accurate, powerful program. Oh and you have a Mac ? Intrepid runs exactly the same program on Mac and Windows platforms. Already own some astrological software? Take five minutes and keep reading anyway. You will be pleasantly surprised.
Whether you are a novice, an amateur or a professional astrologer, Intrepid is quickly becoming the software of choice.
Intrepid software developers believe wholeheartedly in these things.

* The software should be very easy to use.
* It should be ultra accurate.
* The graphics should be clean and beautiful.
* The entire program directly supports SELF-EVIDENT ASTROLOGY (tm)
No other astrology program has the flexibility of the dynamic chart wheels in Intrepid.
Without ever leaving the chart screen you can:

* add outer and middle rings to a birth chart
* select from all transits, progressions and directions
* move progressions and transits to any date
* move wheels in time by whatever time interval you want
* move the wheels backward and forward
* track direct and converse at the same time
* change progression method and retain progressed date
* track the speed of planetary directions
* change house systems, add or remove asteroids and companions
* you can even track your favorite asteroid or star in progressed wheels!

Innovative Charting and Reporting Software

  • FREE 2 Hour DVD Video Training
  • Unmatched Forecasting Capabilities
  • Sun, Moon & Planetary Directions
  • 13 Planetary Moons
  • 5 Progressions Unique to Intrepid
  • Aspects, Degree, Quad & Sign
  • Beautiful full-color birth charts and reports
  • Full ACS Atlas, and Swiss Ephemeris
  • Full 1000 Fixed Stars, 7000 Asteriods
  • 8 Planetary Companions, 8 Planetary Nodes
  • Vista Compatible, and Native Intel Mac

Intrepid Makes Astrology Easy

So, you ask, what is the promise of SELF-EVIDENT ASTROLOGY(tm)? Simply this: Astrology should be evident when you consider the physical properties of the Sun, Moon, planets, solar system, stars, etc. Where Intrepid is concerned, the core concept is that you should be able to use the program, find its features and play around with astrological charts with total ease.

Intrepid lives up to this promise. Most of its controls are part of a keypad that is always visible on the screen. All other features are accessible from buttons on the screen.

Look no further.... Intrepid offers a full complement of report writing programs.

Based on the tenets of SELF-EVIDENT ASTROLOGY (tm), Intrepid's reports provide deep insights into each facet of astrology methodology. These reports include the full-flavored interpretations you've been looking for without the high price tag of other interpretation programs.
These reports provide:

* Comprehensive Potential Natal Report
* Hidden Talents - for developing psychic abilities
* Planet-Centered Astrology - for totally new perspectives!

Innovative Astrology Software that is Simple To Use

  • The Creative Potentials Natal Report
  • provides the full-flavored interpretations
  • that you've been looking for
  • without the high price tag
  • of other interpretation programs
  • The Creative Potential Natal Report
  • gives your clients a consistent
  • and detailed interpretation.
  • The program is accurate and powerful
  • and introduces a unique way
  • of working with the stars.

Intrepid Astrology Software makes Astrology Easy

Intrepid has optional (add-on) Interpretation reports, including Uranus, Neptune & Pluto Transit reports by Stephanie Jean Clement. A geocentric and eight Planetocentric natal reports are in the works.

For those who want to explore a new approach to astrology with several new predictive methods, and those who want to explore planetary moons and nodes, asteroids, KBO's and fixed stars, Intrepid is an excellent value.

Newest Version Available

INTREPID 3.0 - $175

Intrepid for Windows from Windows 98 to Windows 7

Intrepid for Mac OS X (fully native Mac) including Snow Leopard (OS x 10.6)

Free 2 Hours of Video Training & Free Upgrade to Version 3.5 by Summer 2010

14 Add-On Professional Report Writers
by Stephanie Jean Clement Ph. D.

Creative Potentials Natal Report Writer    $125

CreativePotentials/Lifetime Development/The Lifetime Development Report Writer $100

Software/Interpretations/Four Hidden Talents Natal Report Writers $100 each

CreativePotentials/Planet Centered/Eight new report writers, one per planet-centered zodiac    $100 each, $400 for all 8

For questions or orders on Intrepid, call Turn To The Stars at 603-490-6253

Older Versions

Features of Intrepid, through release 2.2

Items marked in RED are Unique to Intrepid

Full Intrepid Feature List
  • Fully native Intel Mac (very speedy)
  • Updated atlas with greater speed
  • Graphical ephemeris of luminaries, north node & planets
  • Graphical ephemeris of six asteroids
  • Heliocentric zodiac
  • User asteroid list, automated asteroid naming
  • Database of 150,000 numbered asteroids with multiple searches
  • Includes 1000 brightest fixed stars
  • Revamped graphical appearance
  • Dramatically simplified complex menus
  • Ephemeris now functions from 1600 to 2400
  • Precessed Solar and Lunar Returns
  • Better handling of wheel display for very high latitude births
  • Additional features to control time change on the wheel
  • New stunning zodiac themed cover sheets
  • Free 2 Hour training video on DVD
  • QUICK FORMAT import and export
  • ALT+TAB compatible on Windows
  • Import / Export orbs of aspects sets
  • Enhanced access to 9 active user charts
  • Set orbs of aspects to a given degree
  • Phase Angle Returns (exact)
  • Converseve Exact Phase Angle Returns
  • Print For Publication
  • Print in Black & White
  • Save Solar Returns or Progressed Charts directly as Birth Charts
  • Natal Key Phrases from SELF-EVIDENT ASTROLOGY (tm)
  • Harmonics extended from 2nd thru 9th to 2nd thru 36th

  The amazing world of Astrology now made simple. A must have for all Astrologers!

SELF-EVIDENT ASTROLOGY™ introduces 3 entirely new progressions and modifies (with dramatic results)  both the Minor and Tertiary Progressions.  Minor and Tertiary progressions are based on the position of the lunar return.  This idea was derived from the way the Day per Year progression is based on the return position of the Sun.

However, in SELF-EVIDENT ASTROLOGY™ the Moon is looked at for its own characteristics.  In short. the important motion of the Moon is the lunation, not the return, hence we introduce Day per Lunation and Lunation per Year.

The three new progressions are based on the nodes of the Moon.  The logic is that if the Sun has a fast (daily) motion and a slow (annual) motion, then since the Moon has a slow motion (lunation) why not include the slower motion of the moon, nodal cycles ( which take roughly 18.6 years).

Hence we  introduce; Day per Node Cycle, Lunation per Node Cycle & Year per Node Cycle.  We recommend especially the Lunation per Node Cycle as it contains both lunar motions just as Day per Year contains both solar actions.  And as Day per Year gives insights into the start of things, Lunation per Node Cycle gives insight into the ending of things.

Note- Nodal progressions do not have a constant speed and will often turn station retrograde and station direct frequently.  This is correct and is due to the motion of the True North Node of the Moon.  See HELP section on Arc Directed and Progressions .

  What's The cost of the newest version 3.0 of this Amazing Software?
Let's just say this software performs like a million but is only $175.00 plus S & H and tax where applicable.

The price is attractive, and for all it's features and power combined with ease of use it's a real bargain.

If you are just starting out you won't be disappointed! If you're an expert you are going to love Intrepid's dynamic capabilities.

Whomever you are Intrepid software is priced just right for you.


Turn to the Stars LLC is an Authorized Reseller of Intrepid Astrology Software

From the desk of Astrologer Andrea Klim

Copyright © 2008 Andrea Klim. All Rights Reserved

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