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Astrology Service Testimonials

From Real People just like You!

  • J - I thank you so much for my astrological reading yesterday morning! I feel as if I have gained so much more insight and understanding into my life. You did such excellent work and I also appreciate your taking the time to talk with me and explain the various aspects of my chart. I look forward to working with you again in the near future!
  • Corinne ... Andrea puts the day's energy into common sense terms that everyone can understand. I use the Astrology News to figure out how I can make the best use of that day. It's really useful to know when the moon is void of course to hold off on big decisions, or when is a great day to ask for a raise...
  • Patti ... Astrology News is like reading my daily Bible!! Keeps me focused!! Knowing the incoming energies, gives me the awareness to watch my reactions or responses to situations that arise daily...
  • Marie ... You know how I feel about it. I truly enjoy reading it daily and the pictures are perfect. There are some days when I am feeling off and after I read the article I understand what it might be. You are so gifted and I am blessed to have you in my life...
  • Lois ... Andrea, thanks so much for the wonderful session we had. I thoroughly enjoyed it and feel your energy is so caring and gentle. Your passion for sharing astrology is a real gift...
  • Renee ... OMG !! I just finished reading today's news (05/30/07) and I am blown away... Blue has been my favorite color my whole life! Now, I connect with what you said about my natal chart the other day, truth is very important to me, I carry unconditional love, the importance of speaking my Truth in this life...Whoa! This stuff is incredible! Thanks for introducing me to this new tool...
  • Sandy ... You are an extremely brilliant Astrologer...
  • Amethyst ... It's AMAZING how RIGHT ON TARGET you are with today's news...
  • Jeane ... I am sending a check for the 6 months I will put it in the mail today I NEED to hear from you daily. Your column helps me to understand my day so much better.
  • Darlene ... I loved the article on the Healing Heart (04/19/07). Thank you again for a great Astrology reading yesterday. I can't wait to get the tape to review ...
  • Marie ... Andrea this article spoke to me (04/18/07). Thank you for being in my life! ...
  • Renee ... I really appreciate all your hard work and you really are very reliable and responsible. What you have already built is wonderful!! You are a beautiful, gentle soul...
  • Ana ... I thought I'd let you know I am six weeks pregnant!! The baby is due in mid Nov when you forecast something special for me with children occurring...
  • Diane ... Thank you again for the consultation and very revealing, valuable insight your work provides. It helped tremendously and I'm looking forward to moving forward armed with this knowledge...
  • Liz ... I wanted to show my appreciation for you, your astrology consults, the extra time you've spent with me on the phone trying to help me thru... You're an inspiration to me!
  • Barbara ... You're an angel ! thank you!
  • Karen ... Your loving and compassionate energy is such a blessing to so many people including me.
  • Lisa ... I wanted to thank you for last Fridays astrology session it was amazing...Your talents are amazing and I have passed your name on to others
  • Anthony ... Thanks a million, I very much enjoyed our meeting!
  • Maddie ... Thanks for your help with mine & Pauls chart. I felt so much better about everything after speaking with you.
  • Chris ... Thank you for all the time and wisdom you gave me. I loved our session and look forward to another!
  • Corrine ... I had to write to you to tell you this so you would know how much your work has helped me out... Your work allowed me the understanding to ask the right questions and get some answers. I feel so connected today.
  • Adele ... Thank you for a very thorough and heart-centered reading. I am certain that my path would have been more difficult without the readings. Bless you & your work.
  • Terry ... I just want to say I love the way you present the negatives with a positive attached, I guess it's all a matter of perspective and what can be learned from it, YOU ARE VERY GOOD!
  • Frederick ... I just got a $7000 raise! I walked into the office asked for a great big raise and it was agreed, just like that! I could have never done this without knowing the exact date and time... I'm just blown away! Thank you so much...
From the desk of Astrologer Andrea Klim

Copyright © 2008 Andrea Klim. All Rights Reserved

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